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    Transportation and show ticket to Mean Girls at the National Theatre departing from the Rt 144 Park and Ride ONLY.

    Deposit of $45 must be made by September 1st. Balance is due October 1st. There are ONLY 46 tickets available at this rate. Should additional tickets be requested, the rate would then be approx $25 higher.

    Depart from the Rt 144 Park and Ride at 4pm. There will either be a meal stop or time to grab something near the theatre.


    Payment of a Per Person Waiver Fee guarantees a full refund of all payments (including deposit), except the Waiver Fee itself, made to Kewl Tours for travel arrangements in case of cancellation of your travel plans for any reason listed later in these terms prior to the day of departure. Exception: If you originally purchased non-refundable show tickets (ex: concert tickets, Broadway show tickets, etc. ), the Waiver does not provide a refund for these types of show tickets, taxes or fees, in the event of a cancellation by the customer. This show ticket may covered by Kewl Tour's travel protection plan under Travel Insurance when purchased at the time of ticketing. Cancellation must be for a covered reason. Please contact us for more details or to purchase ticket coverage.

    Cancellation waiver protects you from penalties in the event you have a need to cancel your entire inclusive tour package up to the day prior to departure. Cancellation waiver does not indemnify you from penalties if you chose to cancel partial tour components or shows. If you chose to partially cancel your tour, you will be responsible for a revision fee as well as any penalties that are incurred at the time of the cancellation.

    The Waiver Fee is designed only for single day tours.

    Payment of the Waiver Fee (if chosen) must be received by Kewl Tours with your Deposit. The Waiver is non-transferable and valid for each applicant only.