Go Green with Kewl American Tours

Go Green is Clean

Motorcoaches provide 184 passenger miles per gallon (MPG), commuter rail gets 86 passenger MPG, Transit buses achieve 32 Passenger MPG, domestic air carriers achieve 42 passenger MPG, and single-passenger automobiles achieve 28 passenger MPG.

Motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile when compared to other vehicles, and are on average 6 times more energy and fuel-efficient than single occupancy automobiles.

Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by an average of 85% per passenger mile for every person who chooses motorcoach travel instead of driving alone.

Motorcoaches are 3 times more efficient in reducing CO2 output when compared to commuter rail, and 5 times more efficient than transit buses.

Motorcoaches are GREEN when drivers become passengers and when equipment is designed to run clean. Our coaches are GREEN by nature. We carry multiple passengers that keep numerous cars off the road. This efficiency results in a reduction of emissions and crowding of highways. Kewl Tours & Charters' investment in state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to our environment include our exclusive use of Bio-Diesel fuel for over 5 years, and with many recycling programs, as well as, clean policies and procedures built into our operation.

From the highway, front office and shop, we at Kewl Tours & Charters / Kewl Express / Kewl, Inc. are committed to being GREEN. Our high-efficiency engines, special exhaust filters and low-sulfur and BIO-DIESEL fuels are reducing emissions. There has never been a more important time, or opportunity for us to unite in this simple environmental solution – be a part of our tomorrow, today! Travel in GREEN COACHES with Kewl Tours & Charters.

KEWL Environmental Benefits:

1. 60 Kewl motorcoaches run cleaner than one single coach manufactured in 1988.
2. Our coaches exhaust gas recirculation cuts allowable nitrogen oxides by 55%.
3. Our coaches Diesel Particulate Filter reduces particulates by 90%.
4. Our coaches new fuel system increases engine performance and cleanliness.
5. Our coaches ultra low sulfur biodiesel fuel lowers exhaust emissions.
6. Our coaches biodiesel fuel reduces dependence on foreign oil sources AND
7. Our coaches ARE GREEN!